Nordic Arts & Health Conference was held at the Clinical Research Centre, Region Skåne, Malmö, 21st May 2019.


The Nordic Arts & Health Research Network organises network meetings, seminars and workshops for the network members as well as conferences for the wider public. The network disseminates information about Nordic Arts & Health research and takes an active role in networking and collaborating with other Nordic and international networks with intersecting focus.


The next network meeting is organised in June 2021. The theme of the network meeting is Arts & Health Ethics.


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Previous events

Programme: Nordic Arts & Health Research Network meeting 22nd – 23rd September 2020 (online)

Warmly welcome to the next Nordic Arts & Health Research Network meeting on 22nd -23rd September 2020. Due to the uncertain Covid-19 situation, the network meeting is organized online (via Zoom).......

Programme: Nordic Arts & Health Research Network meeting, 22nd May 2019, Malmö, Sweden

 On 22nd May 2019 the Nordic Arts & Health Research Network hosts a network meeting for Nordic Arts & Health researchers. The network meeting takes place at the Clinical Research Center,......

Programme: Nordic Arts & Health Conference, 21st May 2019, Malmö, Sweden

 On 21st May the Nordic Arts and Health Research Network hosts an Arts & Health conference with focus on Arts & Health practice – bringing together researchers and practitioners. In......

Nordic Arts & Health Research Conference, 7th November 2018, Turku, Finland

We warmly invite all Nordic researchers interested in the intersections of arts, culture, health and wellbeing to join the multidisciplinary Arts & Health Research Conference on 7 November 2018 at......